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'Dusk is the border between evening and night time.
People of the living world fear the dark and hide themselves.
People of the land of the dead slip into the darkness and dominate it.
People in the past said that one could meet apparitions at that time...
the time of disasters...'

There is more to this world than what we humans can see. We have glaring blind spots where creatures of the Far Shore lurk. Often, they are content to let us live our lives peacefully, but there are dark beings among them - the ayakashi. All bad things that happen in the world can be attributed to the taint of the ayakashi and though the gods fight to vanquish these negative spirits, both human and divine conflict serve as a never-ending source of sustenance, ensuring that they will never be eradicated.

The gods themselves inhabit the Far Shore as well and stay away from the Near Shore - the world of humans - as much as they can. However, they hear every wish and they are dedicated to their followers, doing whatever they can to fulfill the prayers that are brought to them with the help of their divine weapons, the shinki. Shinki are the souls of the restless dead, found and named by a god before they can be corrupted by the influence of ayakashi. Although, like ayakashi, they are still spirits, the name bestowed by a god seals away the memories of their mortal life and allows them to go on living like humans.

The life of the gods is sustained by the belief and prayers of their followers. They are, in every sense, immortal. Their physical bodies can be killed with great effort, but they will simply reincarnate after their death. Sometimes, the Heavens use this to their advantage, killing off one incarnation of a god in order to birth a new generation that will be more willing to do what the leaders of the Heavens want them to do. No one can ever quite grasp what it is that the Heavens are looking to accomplish, but the general consensus is that they want to keep the peace between the Near and Far Shores.

Lately, though, the Heavens seem to have have taken their meddling up a notch. Gods from all over the world are disappearing, and the souls that appear as their reincarnations are drawn not only from this world but from every imaginable universe. Even worse, extra otherworldly souls are appearing, although the Heavens are quickly bringing them under control by naming them as shinki. Is this really the work of Japan's pantheon, or are they as confused as they claim to be by the strange happenings?

How many souls will be stolen from other worlds? How many gods will die? Will anyone be able to return home? Or will they forever be stuck here on:

The Far Shore