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They will open on 09/08/17 at 7pm EST.

All applications must be sent to: godsoffortune@gmail.com
Please format your subject line like this:
Character Name | Canon | Reserved/Not Reserved
UPDATE (11/9/16): Please copy and paste the application into the email you send!
Either post the application to your journal and then copy/paste it from there or copy/paste the whole thing, code and all.

Player Information

Name: Whatever name you prefer to go by.
Contact: Email/AIM/Skype/Plurk whatever is best to reach you at.
Age: We require that you be at least 16 years old to join this game.
Other Characters: If applicable, what other characters do you have in the game.

Character Information

Name: Your character’s full name, in Western order. ([Given Name] [Family Name])
Canon: What canon your character is from.
Canon Point: Just a general idea or a chapter/episode number, either is fine.
Age: How old your character is. You may give actual and apparent ages as well.
History: A link to a wiki article will suffice. If there is not enough information available, please provide a written history.
Personality: Minimum of 300 words. Show us what you know about how your character behaves and thinks! Personality sections will not get revisions. If a personality section is deemed insufficient, it will be automatically rejected. Please pay close attention to this section!
Abilities: Give us an idea of what your character’s canon abilities are. Any magic powers they have should go here, as well as any mundane things that they’re good at. Give us the highlights of your character’s strong suits.
Strengths: List 5. We're looking for buzzwords (single words or short phrases that point out the key factors in a character's personality).
Weaknesses: List 5. Also looking for buzzwords here.

God/Shinki: Pick one, whichever you want.
Why?: Explain to us why your character would be a better fit for the category you’ve chosen.
Top 3 Choices: (Gods only - Remove this section if you chose shinki.) Choose the 3 available gods you would most like your character to be. The final choice will be left up to the mods.
God Type: (Gods only - Remove this section if you chose shinki.) Tell us a little bit about what kind of god your character will aspire to be. What kinds of requests/prayers will they take? Will they try to hold true to what their previous incarnations stood for or just go off the deep end?
Cause Of Death: (Shinki only - Remove this section if you chose god.) Tell us how your character died in order to become a lost soul given a name by a god.
Vessel: (Shinki only - Remove this section if you chose god.) What shape does your character take as a weapon? It can be anything from household objects to pieces of jewelry to weapons - your choice!
Name Location: (Shinki only - Remove this section if you chose god.) Where on your shinki's body is their name (the kanji used to form their vessel name) branded? It can be anywhere you would like!
Power: This is different from ‘Abilities’ strictly on the grounds that it is unique to The Far Shore itself. As a god, you will have a power befitting your godship. Please see this post. As a shinki, you will also have a special power, based around the idea of aiding and protecting your god. Please see this post for ideas. Any number of shinki can have the same power, but please try to be original and within what your character would develop if you can. Give us at least a couple sentences summarizing what you have in mind for this power to be like.

Writing Sample

Sample: You may choose to write your sample in first person or third person. It can use brackets or prose, whichever you prefer. We ask that your sample be at least 200 words long and give us a solid look at how you would play your character. If you would like to link to examples of playing your character, that is an acceptable sample as well. We only ask that there be at least ten (10) comments from your character in the linked example. NSFW threads are also acceptable, please just warn us that they are when you link the thread.


Anything Else?: Is there anything else you'd like us to consider? For example, if you have a god/shinki you would like to be paired with, that information should go here.