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Player Expectations

    All players at The Far Shore are expected to behave in an adult manner. There will be absolutely zero tolerance for anyone going out of their way to make other players feel uncomfortable or out of place and any name-calling or malicious intent will be dealt with directly by the mods. In this vein, any evidence of god-modding or info-modding will be treated as a violation of this rule and dealt with accordingly. God-modding is any instance of a player granting their character power over another player's character without that player's express permission and info-modding is using your own knowledge to influence the decisions and actions of your character. Please do your best to behave in a way that will reflect well on both you and this game.
    You are expected to respect the players and mods of this game so that they can respect you in the same way. Please do not overwhelm other players or go out of your way to make others feel left out. Be as inclusive of others as you possibly can be. Additionally, please be sure to respect the wishes of other players. If someone has asked you not to tag them or to not allow your character to do certain things to theirs, you should respect those wishes in the same way that you would want them to respect your wishes.
    While we will never expect you to comb through every post you make with a fine-toothed brush, you are expected to deliver quality content regularly. That does not mean that typos are not allowed or that you will get in trouble for not knowing how to spell something properly, but it does mean that one-line responses or replies with nearly incomprehensible grammar on a consistent basis will not be tolerated and will be met with warnings and even suggestions of dropping.
    The general overall rating of The Far Shore is PG-13, due to the violent nature of the world of the gods. However, higher ratings are more than welcome, so long as threads with higher ratings are properly labeled and have warnings attached to them. We would highly recommend that any smut be played out only between parties that are of age and that any 18+ threads be marked as such and locked to the community whenever possible. The big thing here is to make sure you warn for any potential sexual encounters or gross gory things that might be going on in your threads.
The Divide
    This should be a generally recognized rule, but we would like to touch on the fact that IC=/=OOC. So if your character is having a spat with another character, please do not take out your frustrations on the other player. Similarly, this is not an indication that the other player hates you, it is simply your characters reacting to each other in character. Any examples of IC (in character) actions causing OOC (out of character) friction will be dealt with immediately and firmly by the mod team.
Issues & Concerns
    Players will be expected to bring all issues and concerns - whether about the game itself, the mods, or other players - to the moderators through the proper channels. This means that issues, questions, and concerns should be directed to the suggestions page, the FAQ, the monthly discussion post, or privately to one of the mod accounts (either on Dreamwidth or on Plurk). Anything brought to anonymous communities or to a mod's personal Plurk will not be addressed and will be redirected to the proper place.

Character Expectations

In Character
    All characters are expected to react to situations in a way that suits their personality in the way it was detailed in their application. Exceptions will, of course, be made for any character development and growth that they have gone through during the course of their stay in The Far Shore, but anything that deviates too terribly from who they are as a character will be considered against the rules. Maintaining ICness is a very important part of roleplaying, after all.
Permitted Characters
    Any character with sufficient canon information is considered appable to The Far Shore. This includes any side characters that have a small section of the story devoted to them or any characters that wind up with side stories that can be shown as proof of their characterization. Additionally, original characters will be permitted in The Far Shore, but canon OCs will not be. What that means is that you have created the world/story your OC comes from, they will be welcome, but if you have created an OC within the universe of another's story, you will not be able to app them.
Number of Characters
    Currently, The Far Shore allows each player to have five (5) different characters in the game. No one player is allowed to play more than one (1) character from any specific canon. This rule might be subject to change in the future, but these are the numbers as of right now.


    There will be a monthly Activity Check that all players are expected to participate in. Activity Checks are in place to make sure that you are not simply just squatting on a character when there might be others who would like to join the game. For details about how Activity Checks are conducted, please see this post.
How's My Driving
    There will be a mandatory bi-monthly How's My Driving for all players to check in to. Anonymous comments will be enabled for these HMDs. There is no requirement to critique your fellow players, but all players are expected to keep any critiques in mind and use them to better their IC interpretations. HMDs can also be used to point out to a player how well they are doing or if there are concerns about their tagging speed/quality. No bullying will be allowed on the HMD and any instances of bullying will be handled immediately by the mod team.