galactically: (I just want to see you once again)
Sheryl Nome ([personal profile] galactically) wrote in [personal profile] godsoffortune 2016-04-14 09:45 pm (UTC)

Hi! I know it's been mentioned that characters are allowed to bring stuff that they're currently wearing/possessing on hand in their taken canon point. But this outfit in canon is a holographic suit that enables Sheryl to change outfits in her concerts — like a transformation sequence straight out of a magical girl show. One example is this outfit from her canonpoint!

My question is, would the tech still work on The Far Shore, or will it suddenly turn into a normal body suit?

Also I know the gods and shinki get to live for free at The Far Shore, but what if they need to get clothes and other necessities? I assume currency is involved, no? And if so, how do they get the money for their needs?

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