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Slaine Troyard ([personal profile] adept) wrote in [personal profile] godsoffortune 2016-06-02 03:14 pm (UTC)

A question out of curiosity - are MMO player characters appable? For example, one where the narrative closely follows their personal development and struggle, both with moral decisions and the path they ultimately take. This course is set in stone, meaning the character canonically makes certain choices in story progression, and their responses to NPC quests likewise give indication of how they feel about certain events.

If an applicant could make a case for the character's personality, would they be appable? I found myself curious since games tend to vary on whether Touken Ranbu characters are appable given the limited material available, but since they're accepted here (which is great) I thought there was a reasonable chance a MMO protagonist whose story centers so much around personal struggles might also be accepted.

Sorry that meanders a little, I just couldn't help wondering and wanted to give specifics.

Edit: An overview of the character's base story under Best response here in case this helps.

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